Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Release Blitz: The Edge of Redemption by Kristin Turnage


The Edge of Redemption by Kristin Turnage is live!

Jace Walker is a master illusionist, but he can't keep up the act anymore. His family and friends thought he was happy and healthy and at peace with his past. But that was a lie. Every single moment from that awful day has been a lie. Just one big exhausting routine that he can't stop. Always having to pretend to deal with the pain of his life lost.

All he wanted to do was feel her again, and the pills always helped. That is until they didn't. Being forced to open up about his feelings is now his life. His newest distraction is this stranger in town with pink hair and an attitude problem who's tormenting his mind while slowly bringing him back to life.

One look at AJ, and you'd think she has everything together, but things aren't always as they appear. After leaving home at 18 to forge her own path, she's pulled back to her old life by the death of her sister and brother-in-law, now being the only next of kin for her 7-year-old orphaned niece.

With her heart still aching to be free, she now fights the courts for custody of her niece, desperately trying to go back to the life she had. The only problem with her plan is the attractive asshole in the grief support group that she hates with every fiber of her being but who also feels like home.

To an onlooker, these two Grumpy Gus's are the definition of toxic, but as fate would have it, they're partnered together to complete their healing journeys.

With darkness around every corner, will the stars align on their road to redemption?
Content warning: The book contains sensitive subject matter related to the loss of a loved one and suicide.

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Meet Kristin Turnage

Kristin Turnage is an indie author that lives close to the beach in Florida with her husband, two daughters, and two cats. She has been writing for eight years and has been chasing her dream of becoming a published author for a long time. The Edge of Happiness from The Edge Series is her first published work and has turned her dream into a reality. She is excited that you are all taking this journey alongside her.
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