Thursday, February 10, 2022

Release Blitz: No Place Like You by Gia Kim


Title: No Place Like You
Author: Gia Kim
Genre: Small Town Romance
Release Date: February 10, 2022


He was the Golden Boy of Sleepy Haven, my first love, and the boy who broke my heart. Now he’s back. All grown up and, unfortunately, hotter than ever. But that doesn't matter. He can give me all the charming, boyish grins he wants. It won't erase the past. The fact I still love him is irrelevant. I can't go down that road again... my heart couldn't take losing him twice.

For the seven years we’ve been apart, I've regretted how things ended with Rae. All I want is a second chance to show her what she means to me. But I have a secret that may ruin our chances at reconciliation. When the truth is revealed will she be able to accept it? Or will that, combined with our painful history, be too big a hurdle to climb?



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Chapter 1 Rae

The rumor mill was at it again. I rolled my eyes as yet another table gossiped away over their muffins and hot coffee about Wesley Perry coming back to Sleepy Haven, our small hometown in Georgia.
Yup. That Wesley Perry. Mr. Golden Boy himself. All-star track runner and love of my life.
Ex-love of my life.
The rumors that buzzed all morning said he was here, visiting for the first time in seven years.
Since we were children, Wesley had big dreams. He was going to make a name for himself. He was going to leave this little town behind and move to the big city where we small-town folks only dream about. Even me. And I believed in him. I knew he would do great things, even if it meant I had to let him go.


Gia Kim runs on coffee and chaos.
The perfect day includes a cup of joe and a running to-do list.
With two littles and no personal space, she escapes into her romance novels to stay sane. Each chapter draws her more into a realm filled with star-crossed lovers and happy endings.
These novels and sweet escapes have inspired Gia to start the journey of being an author herself, with a debut novel releasing soon!
She wants to write stories of her own about everyday couples that have whimsical meet-cutes, where they fall in love and get their HEA.


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