Thursday, February 10, 2022

Release Blitz: Shattered Vows by Shain Rose


Title: Shattered Vows
Author: Shain Rose
Genre: Steamy Arranged Marriage Romance
Release Date: February 10, 2022


USA Today Bestselling Author Shain Rose delivers a standalone arranged marriage romance where a grumpy mafia boss will wed a free-spirited surf girl and make sparks fly.

I’m signing over my hand in marriage for six months to save my city.

That’s it.

It should be easy, except Sebastian Armanelli is my sordid one-night fling turned husband. And I’ve just found out he’s the head of the Italian Mob too.

Bastian swears he’s set on reforming the mafia though. They’re accommodating when they used to be murderous. And he’ll be amicable instead of vicious.

Plus, he agrees that it’s only six months in public. In the dark of a private night, we can do as we please. Yet, I know just how he tastes and where each one of his hidden tattoos are. I know Bastian shapeshifts as that gentleman mobster, but in the dark, he’s commanding, ruthless, unyielding.

And possessive.

He refuses to share what he’s claimed as his.
And I’m realizing that includes me–
His lawfully wedded wife.



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“We get married tomorrow.” He threw his suit jacket on a hook and loosened his tie as we walked into the penthouse. His voice made me jump, we’d been silent for so long.
He moved quickly, slipping his shoes off and not making eye contact with me at all.
“Bastian?” When he didn’t look my way and started down the hall to his room, I yelled, “Bastian, what the hell?”
“What the hell?” He whirled around, molten hot rage brewing in his gaze, singeing me as he approached. He got right up to my face and he grabbed my hair at the nape of my neck. “I said, we get married tomorrow. You and me. My fiancée. Tomorrow, you’ll be my wife. Do you understand?”
I searched his eyes. “You have the audacity to be like this? Mad and all pissy?”
His jaw ticked.
“You have the audacity when you had that woman on your arm whispering things to you all night. You laughed at her jokes. You nestled into her neck. I saw you. And you even said she knew what she was doing before you fucked me.” I poked his shoulder as the grip in my hair got tighter and tighter.
“None of that matters, ragazza. We marry tomorrow and that means you’re not spreading your legs for anyone after that.”
We both stood there breathing fast, stewing, our furious gazes locked on one another. If I’d lit a candle, it would have been blown out by our anger and jealousy flying through the room.
“All about what you own, huh? Am I your property now?” I didn’t give him time to answer. “Fuck you, Sebastian Armanelli.”


Shain Rose is a USA Today and Amazon Top 50 best-selling author. She writes romance that cuts deep with a little edge.

Her books are filled with angst, steam, and emotional rollercoasters that lead to happily ever afters.

She lives where the weather is always changing with a family that she hopes will never change. When she isn't writing, she's reading and loving life.


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