Sunday, March 22, 2015

Review: Devastated

For this review, I chose Devastated by Monica May.  This is Book #1 of the New Orleans Temptation.  I am not sure what the second book is called or if there is a second book out right now, but I really hope so.  This was my first book by this author.

I received a copy of the ebook for a honest review of this book.

Here is a brief description from Goodreads:
Living the American Dream Shelby had everything she could have dreamed of. A handsome husband, two children, a beautiful home and a great job. What else could she ask for?

In an instant her world is turned upside down when she innocently looks at her husband’s phone. With this Devastating discovery Shelby has to decide if she will walk away from twenty years of marriage? Or will she find a way to fit into Grant's erotic world.

What will she do? Will she walk on the wild side she never knew she had? How far will she go? If she crosses the line will she be able to live with herself when the sun comes up? Or will she let her over conservative personality end her marriage?

Shelby found photos on her husband's (Grant) cell phone.  Photos that you would not want anyone, but your spouse to see.  Grant sent those photos to someone (read to find out).  Shelby went through a bit of self-discovery of who she is. 

WOW!  This is definitely different than what I am used to reading.  The description from Goodreads nailed it.  Think about it?  Most of us wives fall into a routine.  You know the one: Kids- feed them, clothes them, bath them; grocery shopping, appointments, homework, sports, etc.  This list goes on and on.  This book had a lot: heartache, betrayal, HOT sex, undying love, forgiveness, self-discovery, humor.  It was about second chances and not giving up when things go from good to bad in your relationship.  It reminded me to play attention to my husband.  Not because of what happened within this book, but because one day it will just be him and me when the kids leave the nest!!

Shelby wanted to know if she could find her Inner Sex Goddess- That inner voice of yours telling you something.  In the beginning of her relationship with her husband before they were married, they were let's say Friskier!!  During the 20 years married, they lost something.  Not love or intimacy, but things they used to do.  Shelby begins to wonder why?  So, she did some research in this area to explore the possibilities of what could be between her and her husband.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.
Would I recommend this book? Yes! Author? Yes!
Would I read more from this author? Yes!

Happy Reading!

Review coming next: Movie Lovers by Jean C Joachim

FTC Disclosure: The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased the book with my own funds.  The opinion I share about the story are mine and have not been influenced by the The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company if received for review.

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