Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Incognito: Dating the Enemy

For this review, I chose Incognito: Dating the Enemy by Morgan Kay.

I received a copy of the ebook for a honest review of this book.

Here is a brief description from Goodreads:
Dating’s tough in small towns. The smart women gobbled up the town’s eligible bachelors while Teresa obtained her degree out of state. Back home in Kentucky and teaching at the local high school, she finds herself competing for the attention of the taxidermist with a tricked out truck and a dentist who thinks he’s the reincarnation of James Dean. The best she can do is covertly date in surrounding small towns, but she’s almost fished those ponds out too. 

A sexy stranger appears in her adult education class. The man is definitely no townie with his exotic looks and even stranger accent. It’s obvious he’s lying about why he’s in her class, but that doesn’t dampen his appeal. There was a rule against staff and students fraternizing, but she might be tempted to break it.

This is my first book I have read by this author.  This was a short read and it held my attention the entire time.  It had romance with a little bit of intrigue of who did it.

This is Book #6 is the Steamy Interlude Series.
Book #1- Blind Date
Book #2- Reluctant Cougar
Book #3- Cub in Love
Book #4- Puppy Love
Book #5- Perfect Stranger
Book #6- Incognito

Teresa is a good hardworking woman, who has followed the rules her entire life until she meets Marcus.  Marcus is hot, charming, and with an accent.  He is working at the college where Teresa works, but she thinks he is auditing her class.  Teresa knows things are up with him, but does not want to know the entire story of who he really is.  She wants him to be a good decent guy, but is he?   I kept thinking who was the guilty party at the college.  I do not think this was Teresa at all.  I think that would be out of her character and she sticks within her beliefs a lot.  I love the pool scene.  I kept thinking how far away are the neighbors.  

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
Recommend this book? Yes! Author? Yes!
Read more from this author? Yes!

Happy Reading!
Review coming next: SEALs of Honor: Mason by Dale Mayer

FTC Disclosure: The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased the book with my own funds.  The opinion I share about the story are mine and have not been influenced by the The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company if received for review.

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