Sunday, December 31, 2017

My top 4 books of the year

With the year almost over, I was thinking about my favorite top 5 books of this year.  I am wondering if I could even pick just 5.  Let's see if I can.

Nelumbo Nuciferia by Cristina Slough.
When I finished this book, I had a big smile on my face.  It left me feeling happy.  This book had me on the edge of my seat.  I loved that we got to see the point of view from the female detective and how her childhood molded her life.  This case did a lot for her future.  

One to Watch Me & One to See Me by Alicia Maxwell
I was hooked from the first paragraph.  It was so good.  I wanted to know who was watching her.  Emmeline has always been controlled by her parents and her fiancé, but when she goes on vacation to Miami, she is determined to decide what she wants in her life.

Survivor by Kayla Marie
Avery is a survivor.  When Avery meets Reid, there is something there.  Something healing for the both of them.  Each has dealt with lose in a different way.  

We are all survivors of something.  Whether it be from an accident, surgery, cancer, or a life changing event.  We all had to pick ourselves up and start fresh.  I also think we all have secrets that we do not want to share with those around us.  This book helped me see that being a Survivor is not a bad thing.  The things we go through only make us stronger. 

The Chase & The Game in the ICON Trilogy by Vanessa Fewings
Are you kidding me?  I knew there would be a cliffhanger, but this one was not what I was expecting.  Once again, there was passion, suspense, and intrigue.  The chemistry between Tobia and Zara was combustible.  Once again, I was confused on the ICON's and Tobias's motivates.  I do not want to say too much.  If you are looking for a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you need to read the ICON trilogy. I need to get the last book in this trilogy.

Now these books I chosen as my top 4 was based on one thing: the books made me think.  It had me guessing who, what, when, and why.  I plan to do another top 4 or 5 with my favorite romances.

Happy Reading!

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