Friday, December 1, 2017

Release Blitz: Defenseless

Title: Defensless (Somerton Security, Book 1) Author: Elizabeth Dyer Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: December 1, 2017 Cover Designer: Montlake Romance Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.
When ex-marine Georgia Bennett left the military for high-end private security, it was supposed to soften her snarky attitude. Instead, her short fuse just earned her a punishment of an assignment: protect smart-ass tech genius and Department of Defense contractor Parker Livingston. It should have been easy—only no one warned Georgia that Parker was one seriously drop-dead-gorgeous geek.
The last thing Parker needs is a bodyguard, especially not one with killer curves and a sassy mouth who tempts him to do something incredibly stupid. He’s too busy investigating whoever is turning his technology against him and threatening his team of covert operatives. But when an assassin sends Georgia and Parker running for their lives, it might just be the explosive sexual chemistry and the trust that’s building between them that saves their necks. Because the only thing more dangerous than the combination of Parker’s intellect and Georgia’s aim is their steadfast desire to protect each other, no matter the cost.
Parker had done a lot of stupid things in his life, but he hadn’t enjoyed a single one of them nearly as much as he enjoyed kissing the hell out of Georgia Bennett. When he’d challenged her to prove her skills, he’d expected her to fail—and fail miserably—within the first five minutes. Yet Georgia had stormed in, taken control, and marched across the digital landscape, wreaking havoc and mounting a body count like it was easy. Now Parker was facing down the sudden realization that the bossy, smart-mouthed bodyguard just flat-out did it for him. And, to make matters worse, now she worked for him. Well, technically he supposed she worked for Ethan, which was worse, but whatever. He had to cooperate. Something he rarely did, at least not on purpose.
As they moved back through his lab in a frenzy of searching kisses and discarded equipment, Parker couldn’t find it in himself to care. Georgia kissed the way she did everything else—like she was absolutely certain there was no one in the world who was her equal. And as Parker slid his fingers beneath her sweater, dipping and sliding along the groove between hip and taut, sexy abs, he was inclined to agree with her.
Nothing to lose, he pulled her back through the doorway to his loft and pressed her against the brick wall with enough force to drive a breathy little moan that aimed straight for his cock. She threw her head back the moment he left her mouth, scraping his two-day stubble across the underside of her jaw and toward the sensitive skin beneath her ear. He drew a deep, intoxicating breath. Damn, how he wished it were summer. The scent of her—fresh rain and something darker, edgier—swamped him. Were the weather warm, she’d be pressed against him in a tank top, the dangerously tempting curve of her breasts exposed and on offer. He’d never wished for the damp heat of a Baltimore summer, but God he wanted one now.
He used his teeth and tongue, nipping at her earlobe, then soothing the sting. She froze, as if caught between the urge to challenge him and the desire to see what he’d do next. Sense told him this was a dangerous game—one he was poorly equipped to win. Desire insisted he play anyway. He pulled back to look at her. Her eyes dilated as he lived dangerously and trailed his hands up the outside of her breasts, skimming against curves he wanted to grip with a desperation he’d never experienced. He let his thumbs stroke and circle and allowed his mind to imagine what her skin would taste like. She didn’t move, barely breathed. What would it take to break that control? To elicit a reaction?
Was it indecision or surprise that held her still? He dipped a thumb toward a nipple, tracing the edge of lace he couldn’t see but could oh-so-easily imagine. What will it take, Georgia? What button did he have to push, what switch did he need to flip, to set her alight? To strip her bare and ignite the desire he saw simmering just beneath the surface? She was holding back, unconsciously restraining the impulse to push, to flip their positions and take what she needed from him. He wanted to be the guy who brought that out in her, the guy who got to be on the receiving end of an unbridled, uninhibited Georgia Bennett.
Elizabeth Dyer likes her heroines smart and snarky, and her heroes strong and sexy. An attorney and recent coffee devotee, Elizabeth spends the majority of her time tucked into a corner table at Starbucks or pinned beneath her (overly affectionate) bullmastiff. When she isn’t working or wrestling the dog, you can usually find Elizabeth writing the types of sexy, suspenseful books she most loves to read.
A born-and-bred Texan, Elizabeth resides in Dallas, where she indulges in Netflix marathons, Instagramming her dog, and brunch. Definitely brunch. Adorably awkward, Elizabeth hates the phone as much as she loves all the social-media things and hearing from her readers. Follow her on Twitter (@lizdyerwrites) or Instagram (@elizabethdyerwrites).

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