Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Teaser Share: Deep

Your next binge read is coming... #TeaserTuesday
Deep by M. Malone & Nana Malone releases on January 8!

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I am the ghost that haunts your dreams. I am a liar, a protector...a killer...I am death.

You think you know my story, but you have no idea. My death was just the beginning.

I’m a dead man.

In the years since I escaped the shadow organization that owned me, my vow to protect my family is the only thing that kept me alive.

Until I meet her.

Too bad I need the monster to protect her from the demons of her past.

Too bad she’s not that innocent.

Cliffhanger Warning: I know you want the whole story right now. But that's not how things went down. And I think you know by now when it comes to ORUS, things don't always go according to f*cking plan.

(The Deep Duet unfolds over the course of two books. Deep will be followed by Deeper, releasing on January 29 )

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