Friday, July 15, 2022

Release Blitz: Summer Shivers by Denise Wells


Title: Summer Shivers
Series: Summers in the Seaside Collection #3
Author: Denise Wells
Genre: Romantic Suspense/RomCom
Release Date: July 15, 2022

I didn’t kill my husband.
At least I don’t think I did.
But all evidence points to me and I can’t remember a thing about that night.
There are only two people in my life who would inherently trust I’m innocent. One of them just died.
The other is my ex Tyler Pressley; who I still have feelings for.
What kind of monster mourns one man while trying to seduce another?
Me. I’m that kind of monster.

Genevieve Daniels thinks she can call me, four years after decimating my heart, and I’ll ride up like some chump on my white horse to save her.
Not a chance.
Still, I’ll play right into her game of seduction. If only to mess with her. Show her what it’s like to crumble.
Am I that much of a monster?
Yes. Yes, I am.


Denise has been reading since before she could talk. And to this day, escaping into a book is her go-to activity before anything else.

She likes to write about sassy women and semi-flawed alpha-esque men (hard on the outside and just a little soft on the inside.) Denise’s female characters always have strong friendships, potty mouths, and like to drink—a lot.

Denise is loyal to a fault, a bit too sarcastic, blindingly optimistic, and pretty freakin’ happy with life overall. If she couldn't be a writer, she'd be a singer in a classic rock band. Right after she learned to carry a tune. She has more purses than days in the month, an obsession with colored ink pens, and a slightly unhealthy bracelet habit.

Home is in the Pacific Northwest where she lives with six Siberian Huskies and a husband (BW) who has the patience and tolerance of a saint. And, lest she forget, Denise also lives with too many to count characters inside her head, who will eventually have their stories told.

For more about Denise visit her website at:

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