Wednesday, September 30, 2015

31 Days Topic is ...

My 31 Days topic is...

This is the main page/post where I will list my links every day here.  I went through every book I read in the last several years.  It was 429 when I wrote this up, but I know that number has changed.  I wrote down a few that had to be added and the others are from my read list on Goodreads.  It took me awhile to come up with 31 Book Boyfriends because I felt like there were more than that!! ;)

I hope you enjoy my 31 Days!  Thanks for joining me!

Happy Reading!

Day 1: Shane Stryker of Summer Nights

Day 2: Jack Holland of In Your Dreams
Day 3: Aidan Kincaid of Second Chance Summer
Day 4: Jason Moore of Hot Nights with the Fireman
Day 5: Trent Lawson of Burning Seduction
Day 6: Day 6: Kyle Lansdowne of Accidental SEAL
Day 7: Clay Mathers of Hearts in Harmony
Day 8: Danny Black from Teacher, Teacher 2, Teacher: The Final Act
Day 9: Derrick Anderson of O Captain, My Captain
Day 10: Logan Thidault of The Lucky One
Day 11: Santiago Cruz of The Saint's Devilish Deal
Day 12: Cole Lawson of Chaps and Chance
Day 13: Grey Lowell of Accidentally Hers
Day 14: David Goddard of State Secrets
Day 15: Harry Brody of The Fireman Who Loved Me
Day 16: Trent Knightley of A Single Kiss
Day 17: Hank Cooper of The Wanderer
Day 18: Boone of Sand Castle Bay
Day 19: Mike Zarkades of Home Front
Day 20: Cole Lawson of Chaps and Chances
Day 21: Buddy Carruthers of Buddy Carruthers, Wide Receiver
Day 22: Owen Montgomery of The Last Boyfriend
Day 23: Joe Kowalski of Exclusively Yours
Day 24: Riley Whitefield of Falling for Gracie
Day 25: Tyler Gray of SEAL of My Heart
Day 26: Tripp Galloway of The Marriage Pact
Day 27: Lance Brown of In Bed with the Bodyguard
Day 28: Eliot Lane of Mamarazzi
Day 29:
Day 30:
Day 31:

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