Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: Mike Zarkades of Home Front

Welcome to Day  of my 31 Days Series!!  Today's book boyfriend is Mike Zarkades of Home Front by Kristan Higgins. 

I loved this book. I loved seeing a female Veteran instead of a male Veteran.  Mike tells his wife, Jolene, that he does not love her anymore right before she is deployed overseas.  This deployment Jolene was not expecting, but now her husband, Mike, has to be both parents.  We see the pov in both Jolene and Mike.

How is Mike a book boyfriend?
-Great dad to his 2 daughters
-a strong spouse with his wife being in the military with all he needs to do when she is deployed.
-Stands by his wife when she comes home injured.
-Takes everything Jolene gives him after she returns home  

Happy Reading!!

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