Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 27: Lance Brown of In Bed with the Bodyguard

Welcome to Day 27 of my 31 Days Series!!  Today's book boyfriend is Lance Brown of In Bed with the Bodyguard by Lynne Silver.

This is one of my favorite books by Lynne Silver.  Arianna Rose is a Gallery Owner.  It has taken a lot of time to get everything right for her first show, which I loved where it was held (read to find out!!).  Her father is accused of running a massive ponzi scheme and the media is taking it out on his daughter, which is not right.  Lance Brown is a Secret Service Agent on leave from being shot.  He becomes her bodyguard since she is getting a death threat.   

How is Lance a book boyfriend?  
-Secret Service Agent
-A Rule Follower
-Stood up to his father
-Earned Ari's trust
-Protective of Ari

Happy Reading!

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