Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 5: Trent Lawson of Burning Seduction

Welcome to Day 5 of my 31 Days Series!!  Today's book boyfriend is Trent Lawson of Burning Seduction by Vella Day.

I love going to Rock Hard, Montana.  It is like going home to visit dear friends.  I have not visited Montana, but I would love to.  The way Vella Day describes Rock Hard, Montana, has me seeing what it through her eyes and makes me want to go.

Charlotte is my favorite character in this book!  She is a strong woman, who follows her heart.  She goes after what she wants and nothing gets in her way.  Charlotte wanted Trent and she planned to seduce him.  Oh my, those scenes were the best!! (You have to read this book for more information!!)  The chemistry between Trent and Charlotte was very hot and passionate.  

I think when you feel passion like that you need to grab it and never let go. Both of you will have fears, but you need to work through those fears to realize what is the most important thing- to be together.

How is Trent a book boyfriend?  
Trent is
-A Detective!

-would do anything for someone he loves.  Look at all he did for Charlotte!

I absolutely love the book cover.  I think the title fits with the cover.  Burning Seduction.  Yep, Trent is definitely being on the burning seduction!!  Wait, no Charlotte was being on the burning seduction, but I think it was both.  I think Trent was afraid of what her father would think.

Happy Reading!

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