Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 10: Logan Thibault of The Lucky One

Welcome to Day 10 of my 31 Days Series!!  Today's book boyfriend is Logan Thibault of The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.

Logan finds a photo in the sands of Iraq in his third tour of duty.  He puts it up on a board for someone to claim, but no one does.  Logan starts carrying it and his luck changes.  Can a photo like in this situation give someone good luck?  The first time we meet Logan Thibault is when the Deputy and him ran into each other when Logan was hiking with his dog, Zeus.  Logan is walking cross country trying to find out who he is after all he has gone through during his tour of duty. One of my favorite phrases in this book is 

"It's hard at times, but it makes a kid strong in ways that most people can't understand.  Teaches them that even though people are left behind, new ones will inevitably take their place; that every place has something good-and bad--to offer.  It makes a kid grow up fast." (pg 39 e-book)  

I think it is a powerful statement and it is talking about Logan's dad being a Marine, his dad's transfers, and losing his father to a heart attack. 

Beth has a son and is divorced from his dad, Keith Clayton, who is not nice to Ben at times.  Beth does everything she can for her son, but Keith does not.  He is stubborn and opinionated.  A phrase about Keith stuck in my head.  It is": 
"He wanted a certain kind of son, and by God, he was going to get him."  What the hell does that mean?  You can make the child the way you want him or her to be.  They have minds of their own.  It is a lesson that Keith needs to learn soon.  Logan listens to, does things, and has his dog, Zeus, spend time with Ben.  Now that is what his own father should be doing.

How is Logan a book boyfriend?  
-calm with Ben.
-Spends time with Ben.
-protects Ben with his dad.
My favorite quote of Logan saying to Keith is: "Know this; You've never met someone like me before.  You don't want me as an enemy."
-teaching Ben different things that are good for Ben.
-a Marine
-Cute as hell
-treats Beth and her son very good.

Keep on reading!

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