Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 2: Jack Holland of In Your Dreams

Welcome to Day 2 of my 31 Days series!!  Day 2 is Jack Holland of In Your Dreams by Kristan Higgins.

Jack Holland is an EMT and wine maker.  He loves his town and his jobs.  After his ex wife did a number on him, he is trying to put his life back together.  The next thing he knows his ex wife is back into town trying to get him back.  Jack is torn between a night he saved 3 kids.  He saved 2, but the one was in a coma.  He is haunted by that night and the what ifs.  What if he did this or that?  Will this boy be okay?  What will Jack do if he is not?  Because of this night, Jack is struggling from PTSD.  I love how the author pulls together PTSD to the surface.  
 Emmaline (love this name) is Deputy, who loves her job and her pup, Sarge.  Emmaline needs a date for her ex-fiance's wedding.  I think Emmaline saved herself a big heart ache if she married that fiance. OMG.  He is something else.  I would definitely not go alone to this wedding.  Her ex-fiance is a fitness nut.  Yes, I am going to use the word nut because I am not sure how else to describe him.  

Enters Jack playing her very handsome hot boyfriend on this trip to the wedding.  There is an attraction that they both feel and can not ignore.  Emmaline has feelings about her past that she needs to overcome.  Jack is struggling with PTSD.  

Jack would be a great book boyfriend because
-He is HOT.
-He will help out a friend.
-He loves animals.
-He is an EMT.
-He makes wine.
-Did I say he is HOT?

Happy Reading!!

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