Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 8: Danny Black from Teacher, Teacher 2, Teacher: The Final Act

Welcome to Day 8 of my 31 Days Series!!  Today's book boyfriend is Danny Black from Teacher, Teacher 2, and Teacher: The Final Act by R.L. Merrill.

These characters just leap off of the pages for me.  It is like I am there watching it all fold out.  I could see Danny working hard on getting his diploma in order to be something in his daughter's eyes.  I could see Jesse in that Pinto she drives and having car issues.  I think we all have been there.  I could see Nora helping Danny out and praising him on all his great work.  I could see how good Jesse is for Danny, but also for his daughter.  I could also see that Danny's ex-wife will think that Jesse is good for him and their daughter, but that might take some time.

In Book #1, we learned about the way Jesse met Danny and how they fell in love.  In Book #2, we saw how they both handle being together and dealing with life challenges.  Danny's ex-wife decides she can not take care of their daughter, Jane, anymore so she gives Danny full custody.  How would you react if your boyfriend's daughter had to move in with him?  If you love him, then you would love her.  Right?  Well, we hope!  Book #3 we get to see how this series will end.

In all of the books, I saw Jesse with this wall she built around her.  She had to learn to start tearing it down so she could allow Danny and Jane into her life.  Jesse has 2 issues with Danny's life.  He has money and Jesse is used to scraping by.  Jesse is not used to having someone caring for her.  She is used to doing all on her own.

How is Danny a book boyfriend?  

Danny is
-A Rock Star
-Caring for those around him (Like how he cared for Jesse when he realizes she has Lupus).
-cares what his daughter, Jane, feels about him (GED was important in his eyes for his daughter).

Happy Reading!

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