Saturday, October 10, 2015

Favorite: Book Series Part 1

What are your 5 favorite book series?

I wrote all of the book series I read.  Why?  Because, once I start reading a series, then another one comes out, I may miss it.  This way I know what series I read and which books are being added to the series.  I know I am behind in a few (okay several) series.

Like I said, I have read several series.  For this post, I will talk about my top 5 6series (I hope I can do that).

1.   Fool's Gold by Susan Mallery
-If you know me, than you know that this series has to be in my top 5 favorite.  I am behind in this series and I hate that I am, but I have a small problem.  When I get caught up, I get so mad that I have to wait 6-12 months to get the next one so this year I decided to wait to read them so I could have more than 3 to read.  I need to read #16, Kiss Me (#17), Thrill Me (#18), and Marry Me at Christmas (#19) (I will put in the titles in a little bit).  There are other series by Susan Mallery I love, but Fool's Gold will always be my favorite.  I want to read her new series, Mischief Bay, but I have not had time to.

2.  The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel by Jennifer Bernard
-I am going to say it again.  If you know me, than you know that this series has to be in my top 5.  Hello, my husband is a volunteer fireman!  I do know I am planning on reading her new series called Love Between the Bases about baseball players.  It's about man in uniforms!!  All of Me (#1) came out on May 26.  Caught by You (#2) does not come out until December 29.  A little bit late Christmas gift?  Yes!!

3. Lonesome Point, Tx by Jessie Evans
-Back when I was reading the 3 books in the Fool's Gold series, it was about cowboys!  I fell in love with cowboys and I knew I would love this series.  Now I did not start at book #1 (Leather and Lace), but I started with book #5 (Chaps and Chance).  I have read book #6 (Ropes and Revenge).  I plan to read the beginning of this series.
I need to read Leather and Lace (#1), Saddles and Sins (#2), Diamonds and Dust (#3), Glitter and Grit (#4).

4. Piper Anderson by Danielle Stewart
I have read Chasing Piper (#1), Cutting Ties (#2), Choosing Christmas (#2.5), Changing Fate (#3), Finding Freedom (#4), Betty's Journal (#4.5).
-I am behind in this series.  
Settling the Score (#5)
Battling Destiny (#6)
Saving Love (#7)

5. Thunder Point by Robyn Carr
I have read books #1-8 (The Wanderer, The Newcomer, The Hero, The Chance, The Promise, The Homecoming, One Wish, and A New Hope.  But, I need to read Wildest Dreams (#9)

6. Parable, Montana by Linda Lael Miller
I have read this entire series!!!
Big Sky Country (#1)
Big Sky Mountain (#2)
Big Sky River (#3)
Big Sky Summer (#4)
Big Sky Wedding (#5)
Big Sky Secrets (#6)

I would love to know what your favorite series are.  Comment away. Please.

I am going to have a Part 2 of this since I have added more series to this list.
Happy Reading!

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