Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1 of Cheering!!

 I posted this on my Fool's Gold blog, but forgot to post it here.

I can not believe that the Fool's Gold Cheerleadering has officially begun on May 27!! Susan Mallery has a new release of the Fool's Gold series releasing called Just One Kiss.

Happy Day!!  Yesterday was my first day was cheering!!  My older 2 kids will be out of school before I know it.  My first stop was Sam's Club.  I was so surprised.  Last year they had the most books, but this year they had zero.  I was told they downsized their books because their books were not selling.  They went from their book shelves to a table.  I spoke with a couple at Walmart, who brought all of his books at Sam's Club and now they have to go to Walmart so they are not very happy about it.  Sam's Club was not a wasted trip.  My daughter will be 13 next week so I ordered her cakes (yes cakes) & her cupcakes for her class.  I need 2 cakes because of  her actual birthday & the day of her surprise party.  Before I left I talked to a friend of Shawn's family & talked about Just One Kiss.  I gave out some goodies!

The next stop was Walmart.  Love stopping here because of the Book Rep, Linda.  We talked about Susan Mallery.  I told her about Just One Kiss, the Bodyguards!!  I told her about Sam's Club & she told me how she was downsized a little, too.  While I was there, I was chatting with some customers, & handing out bookmarks.

I brought Noah a book about a Military Working Dog & his handler.  Noah can not wait to read it.  I thought maybe he might want to read it with Shawn.  I am trying to get him excited about reading again.  Noah lost some interest, but I know he will get it back.

 photo WalmartSeason2_zps4bfffbf7.jpg

 My last stop was Target.  I did not have much time there because I had to get home to get Shawn and Ethan before we got Ash & Noah from school.  Shawn's car broke down on Sunday & it was ready at the shop.  I had to pick up a few things at Target.  Target is the only store I have seen that has the New @ sign.

I had a great day cheering on my own!!!  If you pick up Just Once Kiss, let me know.  I get points.  I would love to talk about the book.  What you love?  Who is your favorite character?

If you online or buy a copy, please let me know, you will be helping me get points during my Cheerleading season, thanks. 

Night all!  I am off to read more of Just One Kiss.  By now, I am using done with it, but I have been reorganizing my house for summer.

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