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Reading Challenge: Quinn's Woman

For this Reading Challenge, I chose Quinn's Woman by Susan Mallery.   This was a library e-book.  I love library e-books!!   Let's go back a step.  I am a huge fan of Susan Mallery.  If you read my Reviews before of any Susan Mallery's books, you have read this before.  I am not sure how many of her books I have read.  =)

I love the quote that Susan Mallery put in the book.  I love this quote.  It is so true.  I love this book.
"To that young girl who grew up with 
broken wings, and somehow learned to fly.
You are, as always, an inspiration."

Quinn's Woman is the last book of the Hometown Heartbreaker Series.  I have only read this one & One in a Million.  Quinn & Gage Reynolds are brothers.  Their dad is Ralph, who does not like Quinn.  Ralph can not have any kids & they both wanted kids so she got pregnant by another guy, Earl Haynes.  Quinn was told this by his brother, Gage by saying "Dad -Ralph- came up with a plan for Mom to find someone who looked like him and get pregnant." (Kindle 16%)  Their mom got pregnant by Earl the first time with Gage than went back the following year & got pregnant with Quinn.  Both Gage & Quinn have half brothers & a half sister from the Haynes family. 

 This is from my One in a Million review: 
 the Haynes brothers & 1 sister.  
*Craig is the oldest, his wife, Jill, & 5 kids. - Fern Hill Police Dept
*Travis married to Elizabeth & 4 girls.  - Sheriff
*Jordan married to Holly & have 3 girls.  - Firefighter
*Kyle married to Sandy & have 4 girls & 1 boy. - Deputy
*Hannah is married  & had a baby girl 6 weeks earlier.- Dispatcher
*Austin Lucas, a Adopted member of the family, married to Rebecca & have 3 boys & 1 girl.  
*Gage & Quinn was also their half brothers & their mother was Edie Reynolds, who helped  Nash & Kevin's mom out & took them all to Possum Landing. (Gage & Quinn are best friends with Nash & Kevin).  Gage is engaged.  Quinn was not there.

Back to the book, D.J. is on a War Game.  Her partner was Private Ronnie West, who is 18 years old.  I love how D.J. met Quinn during this Game.  She captured him as a prisoner.  You will need to read about it, but somehow he escape & what happened to her partner.  D.J. finds him & he says "I thought you'd be back sooner.  You must have slept in.  But after the night we had, I'm not surprised you were tired." (Kindle 17%).   

D.J. wanted to know how Quinn got away during the war games.  Plus she wanted to him to teach him what he knows.  Quinn is a military expert & he knows a lot more than she does.  Her work is very important to her.  She is hired to help get children from kidnappers.  D.J.  is also teaches self defense.  This is extremely important to her so important that she offers herself in exchange.  Would you do this?  I know I would not.  Quinn decided lessons in return for company while he is in town (no sex).  Dinner.  Maybe lunch.  What do you think will happen with this?  Do you think this will stay as friends or something more?  

Going out to dinner means getting to know one other.  Conversations.  Small talk.  Each of them had different childhoods.  I am not going to get into it.  I want you to read the book.  I love how we learn about them both.  So sad about D.J. I am not sure how I would handle what she went through at that young age.  She looked at life differently because of her childhood.  Quinn was interested in learning about D.J.  When I read "Don't you want to ask if I've ever killed anyone?" he asked & D.J. answered "It wouldn't occured to me that you haven't.  You wouldn't get your kind of experience any other way.  You are who and what you are for a reason." (Kindle 41%), I knew than these 2 were meant to be together.  D.J. understood him, but she had to get past some of her own issues of her past.  Quinn can talk to her & that is good for him especially when she  was talking about him being in town for a few weeks.  He tells her that "I was supposed to kill someone and couldn't.  I'd never refused an assignment before.  Never had reason.  But this time...."  She said "You had a good reason for refusing." (Kindle 41%).  D.J. is caring, understanding, listens, & does not judges.  Quinn needs this in his life right now.   He found "the one" & that scares him.  She made him laugh.  That is important.  

I love when Rebecca meets Quinn & they talk like D.J. is not in the room.  That is funny.  D.J. says "I'm still right here in the room."  Rebecca & Quinn was talking about her dating history.  The party that Rebecca had was a little overwhelming for Quinn.  So many people for him to get to know. 

I love what Rebecca says to D.J. "It's true.  Being vulnerable and open to a man, while he's vulnerable and open to you, is the purest form of connection.  Each of you can hurt the other, and you don't.  That's what love it.  Sharing secrets, trusting.  Trust is the proof of love.  Without it love doesn't exist." (Kindle 71%).  

I really love the part where Quinn helps D.J. with the demonstration for basic self-defense for kids.  D.J. says "If anyone tries to abduct them, this training may be all that stands between staying safe and getting kidnapped.  I take that very seriously." (Kindle 78%)  I love how D.J. is so dedicated to her work.  I would want someone like her looking for my child if he goes missing.  I make sure my children are with me at all times.  I have my eyes on them at all times.  I have taught the older 2 what to do if they are taken.  

If you are looking for a good book, then I highly recommend this book!  I think Quinn & D.J. compliment each other.  They both get each other perfectly. 

Keep on Reading!!

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