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Reading Challenge- Catch of the Day

For this review, I chose Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins. This was a very good book. I love it!  I felt so back for Maggie the entire way through the book.  Date after date this poor girl went on.  It did not go well.  Why doesn't it is my question?  Why doesn't these guy like Maggie?  

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read this book, stop!  Read the book before reading the rest of my review!!

I do not blame her for the whole priest situation.  He did not try hard enough.  They were in a crowded restaurant & she was working.  How was she to have heard him say he was a priest?  He introduced himself as "Tim O'Halloran. A pleasure it is to meet you"  What priest introduces himself this way?  Majority of priest I have met (I will come to this part in a second) have introduced themselves as Father so & so.  I am Catholic & I have gone to a Catholic Elementary School from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  I have never met one that introduced himself as Tim.  Maggie did what a normal lady, who was looking for a husband, did.  She told her sister.  They did not even know who he was.  Not until the day in church.  They were told Father Morris was retiring & some new guy was filling in.  No name.  The only time Tim used Father was in Church when he told everyone.  He should had told Maggie that when he first met her.  Then, she would not had a crush on him.

I love how Maggie takes care of the lady downstairs.  Her name is Mrs Kandinsky or Mrs K.  She is Maggie's tenant.  Maggie will bring her food home from the diner.  Maggie is the only person she sees.  So very sad.  Her children are all out of state & are all aging themselves. 

Colonel is a great dog!  Followed her everywhere Maggie went!  He reminds me of Zeus, but I need a leash for Zeus because huskies runaway!   I loved how Maggie took Colonel everywhere she went.  I wish I could do that with Zeus especially with his separation anxiety.  It was so sad at 58% into the book (Kindle).  I am not going to say what.  Everyone was so thoughtful, but 1 person.  Again I am not going to say who!  

Maggie's dates: (Not all was a disaster)
1. Roger Martin- I did not like him at all.  He ate like a PIG!!  He is a nurse.  Shouldn't he have more manners?  Maggie thought to herself why would he needed to be fixed up!  He liked being a nurse because of the overtime, benefits, & 401K.  What about his patients?  I would not want him to be my nurse.  I would call the head nurse & ask for a new nurse!  I mean it!  If I was in there to have a baby, I would want a nice nurse & if he was not nice, bye bye you would go!!  I had this happen with my daughter!  First date & he wanted to eat Maggie's food!  Rude!  Roger "communicates with animals who have passed." But, he could not get anything right about Maggie.  He is not that good if you ask me!  Mammal!  Really.  You are guessing a mammal.  Then, Roger leaves her with the check.  Not even enough money for his half.  Cheap skate!  
2. Oliver Wachterski- His hernia popped out & he blamed it on Maggie.  I re-read this part 3 times & I do not see how it is Maggie's fault.  He must of moved wrong.  Then, he wanted her to "pop" it back into place.  Hey, if you do not "know" the man intimately, would you do it?  He was definitively not the One!
3. Albert Mikrete- This date went well, but I am not going to tell you anymore than that. You need to read about this date.  He was charming, but there was one thing that was wrong!  
4. Doug Andrews- a widower, but he could not get himself to the date so Malone filled in for him because Skip Parkinson, the boyfriend from high school, & Annabelle sat down at Maggie's table to torment her.  I swear they did it on purpose.  They have 3 kids & 1 on the way.   Of course, Skip asked Maggie if she wanted to see a picture.

Malone came through for Maggie & she was not expecting it!  He kissed her that night she had that blind date with Doug!  She had a lot of unknowns with Malone.  Father Tim was going to suggest Malone.    Malone does not talk much.  Why is that?  Maggie is wondering who the young beautiful woman Malone was with in front of her diner.  I know, but you need to read the book to find out! There was a few conflicts between Malone & Maggie.  After Malone found out about something, he went to Maggie & did something really sweet for her.  

Maggie's mom has some strange saying like this one "A rolling stone gathers no dirt."  Maggie doesn't even have to say anything to her because she knows what she will say like this: "You need to stop lighting your fire under a bushel."  Another thing Maggie's mom would say is "Fools rush in where angels fear to bed." Maggie is a nice girl & she has a bad luck when it comes to meeting a guy.  Her mom put too much pressure on her about meeting someone.  What about Christy being Perfect?  This is a big issue for Maggie.  Christy is married, has a baby, & has the life that Maggie so badly wants.  Christy is her twin sister & she is married because their mom introduced Will to Christy & not Maggie!!    If I remember correctly, Christy is a social worker.  Her mom is not making this any easier on her.  I love how Maggie told her mom off!!  It is my favorite Maggie phrase: "I'm sick of you disapproving of me, sick of you telling me that my life is a dead end, sick of you comparing me to Christy & her perfect life.  Get out.  Come back when you can act like a mother who loves all her children."  She needs to back off or one day she may not have her daughter!   I can not believe that Maggie's mom did not want her to have her own dog when her heart was broken over Skip.  I loved how her dad got her Colonel to help her get over Skip, but all her mom was worried about was fleas, lice or something else.  What does that tell you about her mother?  I would be comforting my daughter.  I think I would be the one to go get her the dog or taking her to go get her one!  

Chantel is a friend of Maggie.  I am not going to say much about her, but I am going to leave some questions.  Do you believe what Maggie thought?  Do you believe that Malone could had been the one?  I did not.  I believed it was Jonah.  I even have it written in my notes of my Kindle app!  Chantel only went to Malone because he told her in high school that he would be a shoulder to cry on.  I have learned that not everything is what is appears to be.  Maggie needs to see that.  

I love the speech Maggie gave to Malone!  Then, Emory, his daughter said to him "What was that all about?  I love the ending!  Read the book to find out!  You knew I was going to say that right!  

Keep on Reading!

P.S. Something for you:
1. What are the reasons for Maggie being Mrs K food home?  
2. Who was fixing Maggie up on these dates & why?
3.  What was wrong with Albert Mikrete?
4. How kids does Skip Parkinson have with Annabelle?  Names?  
5.  Why couldn't Doug go on the date with Maggie? 
6.  Do you think Maggie grew up some during this book?  
7. Are you okay with what happened with Maggie's parents?

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