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Reading Challenges- Summer Days

I really loved Summer Days!  Susan Mallery did it again!  Another great read!  This is a great book that can be read along with the Fool's Gold series or alone.  If you are looking for a good/great romance book, then this is it!  A great beach read!  I wish I could read a book on the beach, but I have to settle for a rainy day

When I first met my husband, I was told that if he takes care of his mom, then he is a keeper.  Well, Shawn did take care of his mom & he is a keeper!  Rafe takes care of his mom!  Rafe Stryker had to return to Fool's Gold because of his mother.  He would do anything for her.  He did not want to go back there.  Why?  (Read the book to find out)  Heidi Simpson finally has a home of her own at Castle Ranch.  Her grandfather, Glen,  worked in the Carnival & they moved from town to town.  She wanted Castle Ranch.  She loved her home.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read this book, stop!  Read the book before reading the rest of my review!!

Love how the book starts with Rafe meeting Athena, who was in the middle of the road, blocking Rafe's Mercedes to pass.  Do you think she knew what he was doing to Heidi?  Heidi's grandfather stole $250,000 from May so he could get the cancer treatment for his best friend.  May was thinking she was buying Castle Ranch, which was where her & her family lived long ago as she worked as a housekeeper & the owner promised the house & everything to her when he died.  May says "This is where we were happy as family." (page 59)  I think May is trying to recreate happy family memories.  She does not speak to her daughter.  I think she desperately wants that time back when all of her children were in her lives & in each other's lives.  It is very important to her.

I love Mayor Marsha!!  "Fool's Gold needs men like you. (Rafe)" (page 96)  She is right, but is he going to be taken?  I love how Mayor Marsha knows all!  She reminds me of Gibbs from NCIS, only my favorite show ever!  Gibbs knows all, too.  Do they both bug the town (Mayor Marsha)/office (Gibbs) or do they know how to get information from others without that person knowing what they are doing?  

Ethan says "People say that a lot around here, and yet they never seem to leave.  You might be more 'back' than you think, Rafe." (page 123)  Isn't that what Josh said?  He never left!  I am sure there were others besides him.  Tucker's assistant (I can not remember his name) was in town on Janack's business, but I don't think he ever left.  Did he?  

Best Glenn quote is "I'm not.  I promise you that,  She (May) gets to me and I can't let her go.  I don't want to lose her, Heidi.  And I won't.  Trust me.  Just Trust me, little girl." (page 144)  I can understand why Heidi did not trust her grandfather.  He taught her that love wasn't real, but those who did fall in love were suckers.  Poor Heidi! Thinking & believing that love is one way, but then to be told by the person, who taught you about love, that he is wrong what love is, has to be hard.

Heidi talking to Rafe "You're a prude.  You're embarrassed by what Clay does so you don't talk about it." (page 146)  I like Heidi because she tells it as it is.  She reminds me of my sister!! Rafe thinks if his siblings are not making money, then they are wasting their life.  

Best Charlie quote is "That's generally how it (kiss) starts.  She's my friend.  Don't make me hurt you." (page 156) Charlie talking to Rafe about Heidi.  Girlfriends will always look out for one other when it comes to guys.  When a guy hurts their friend, that guy better not be around!  Another great Charlie quote is "But, you're stuck with us.  We're like weeds in the lawn.  You might think you've gotten rid of us, but we just bounce right back."  (page 346) I absolutely love this quote.  Girlfriends stick together!!  Always!

Best Nina quote (Nina is Rafe's Matchmaker) is "You're wrong.  Love isn't about being sure. Love is about risking it all.  The only way to be truly in love is to give with your whole heart.  To put it out there and be vulnerable.  To offer all you have without knowing if it will be enough.  Love is standing naked in front of the world and announcing 'this is who I am' then waiting to be accepted or not."  I love this quote.  She tells Rafe as it is, too.  She is right!  

Best Rita's quote (palm reader & friends with Heidi) is "To get your heart's desire, you're going to have to be willing to take a leap of faith.  To be vulnerable."  I truly believe this quote.  Rita read Rafe's palm, but I am not going to tell you what happened.  Instead I will share a story with you all.  In College, I had a palm reader read my palm.  I was told not the next guy, but the following guy is the guy I will marry, we will have 1-2 kids.  The following guy is the one I married.  If I did not get hurt (long story), we would only have 2 kids.  Ethan is our miracle!  Has anyone had their palms read?

I left a lot out on purpose because I want you to read the book!  When I tell you Summer Days is good, I mean VERY GOOD!!  I am looking forward to reading it again!  If you have not read any of the Fool's Gold books, then you can start reading this book now.  It is not like other series where you have to read them all to understand things.  

Keep on Reading Fool's Gold!

P.S. Something for you:
1. Why did Rafe Stryker did not want to return to Fool's Gold?
2.  How did Heidi meet Rafe?
3. Did you feel bad for Heidi or Rafe about the situation they were in?
4.  Do you believe that what Glen did was wrong? Why?
5.  How does Heidi know Rita?
6. Are you on Team Heidi or Team Rafe? Why?
7.  Did you love the ending?

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