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Reading Challenges- One in a Million

For this review, I chose "One in a Million" by Susan Mallery.  It is about a mom, Stephanie Wynne, of 3, who has a Bed & Breakfast.  Her husband died.  One day a handsome guest, Nash Harmon, came into her Bed & Breakfast to meet his family he just found out he has.  His twin, brother, Kevin, was also there, to meet them, too.  He is engaged to Haley.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read this book, stop!  Read the book before reading the rest of my review!!

I am confused about the family history.  I think I can get it straight.  Nash was there to meet family he did not know he had- the Haynes brothers & 1 sister.  
*Craig is the oldest, his wife, Jill, & 5 kids.  
*Travis married to Elizabeth & 4 girls.  
*Jordan married to Holly & have 3 girls.  
*Kyle married to Sandy & have 4 girls & 1 boy. 
*Hannah is married  & had a baby girl 6 weeks earlier.
*Austin Lucas, a Adopted member of the family, married to Rebecca & have 3 boys & 1 girl.  
*Gage & Quinn was also their half brothers & their mother was Edie Reynolds, who helped  Nash & Kevin's mom out & took them all to Possum Landing. (Gage & Quinn are best friends with Nash & Kevin).  Gage is engaged.  Quinn was not there.

Their father, Earl Haynes, is in FL with wife number six or seven.    I would never throw my child out the door with my grandchild (Look kiddos, you have it in writing!).  I would help them, but they would have to have a job, stay in school (if they are in school), & help around the house.   I would want to know my grandchild.  There are some grandparents that don't have that opportunity because of their parent(s) keep that child away from them.

Nash's Hayne's brothers feel if they were not in love then they would not have any girls.  Well, with Craig, Travis, Jordan, & Kyle, they all have girls!  So, I say the theory is correct.

I love how Nash helped Stephanie around the B&B.  First, the washing machine.  Then, getting their old gatehouse so her & the kids could move into it before they got busy.  No more telling the kids to be quiet on the third floor with guests below them.  Nash  had "grown up with a single mom & knew how hard that life could be."  I think this is how Nash was raised for the way he is with Stephanie, helping her with around the B&B, & he got his family to help finish the old gatehouse.  How sweet is that!

All of the Haynes kids & the Harmon kids are in law enforcement, except for Jordan is a firefighter.  It is weird how Nash & his brother never knew they had other family & they ended up in the same field as their half siblings. Kevin is a US Marshall.  Nash is a FBI negotiator.  Gage is a Sheriff.   Hannah is in the communications in the Sheriff's office.

I think my favorite part of the book besides 1 part (I will get to this one later) is when the kids are doing their homework at the table & Nash was there, too.  Nash listened as if he really was interested in what the kids had to say.  He was thinking about when him & Kevin were kids doing their homework & their mom was working, but Kevin would go out to play.  Kevin would fight with their mom & Nash would go to his room to read.

Stephanie told Nash that "there's no way I would ever get married again, so the odds of another child seem slim."  Nash thought Stephanie's "reluctance to marry again didn't matter to him. Not one bit."  I think it does.  He thought it twice!!  Stephanie does not want get married again because of the way her husband treated her.  (What to know then read the book!!)  Not only was the reason for her feeling for not getting married was because of her being responsible when she was growing up.  Her parents were artists, focused on each other, & their art.   They did not pay the bills.  Stephanie had to do it that along with getting food.

I love how Nash invited Stephanie & the kids to go with him when he met the entire family crew.  Nash had to be nervous.  Think about memorizing all those names.  There has to be more than 30 people.

I love how Brett was being overprotective of his mom about Nash.  He was afraid Nash would replace his dad.  She told him that Nash is a guest here.  Which means his home is somewhere else and he is going to be leaving us in a couple weeks.  In the meantime, he's nice, he cleans up after himself and I like having another grown-up to talk to.  Nothing more.  Okay?"  Brett is a bright kids, worried about his mom, & afraid everyone in his family will forgot about his dad.  Nash was seen as a threat to him.  Brett asked his mom once if she still loves his dad.  She repeated the same thing as before, but with less words.    Brett wanted to know "Why?  Why can't you just love dad?"  Stephanie said "Because he's gone."  I love how she used if you really care if this girl, will you still love your brother?  Then, she added herself in there.  My favorite quote for Stephanie is "The human heart has the capacity to love as many people as we want to let into our lives.  If I start dating or not, nothing about my feeling for you, the twins or even Dad are going to change.  There's more than enough room for everyone."  Brett is worried about his mom dating someone else & not being in love with his dad.

When Brett caught Nash kissing his mom, he ran out.  Nash asked to talk to Brett.  Nash was once in his shoes when his mom married his stepdad, Norman.  Nash explained to him that he is going back to Chicago in a couple weeks where he lives & work. Nash also told him about his mom marrying Norman & how he felt about that.  Brett says to Nash "But you shouldn't kiss her where just anyone can see.  My brothers wouldn't understand.  They don't remember Dad much & they might think you're sticking around."  I think Brett is older than he seems.  He makes a good point to Nash! 

The twins are funny!  When they were arguing over who folded the laundry, each said that the other did it last time.  I think she needs a chore chart for each of the kids so they know exactly what chore they have to do each day.  We do that here.  Ashleigh knows she feeds the cats every morning.  Noah takes care of his puppy.  There are items done on certain days.  I love how Nash tries to help her.  He is right by working together they would get done a lot faster. 

Nash's mom, Vivian, & stepdad, Norman, came to the B&B, too.  Vivian wanted to help in the kitchen, too, just like her son.  Howard wanted Nash to be with Stephanie.  I love the talk that Howard & Nash had.  Nash knew that Howard is not a bad man.

How sweet is Nash!  He let her sleep in, made breakfast for his mom, step dad, & the boys.  She thought to herself "Sense or not, Nash's actions touched her in a way nothing had for years.  Maybe ever.  He'd taken care of her.  Just like that, with no expectation of getting something back.  She hadn't known that men like him existed.  He made her feel she could count on him."

Brett's opinion about Nash changed after he had his family help with the old gatehouse.  Brett wanted him to stay & he wanted his mom to ask him to stay.  Totally different than from before.  

My favorite quote from Nash is "I want to change the rules.  I don't want to be a temporary guest.  I don't want to leave.  I want to make things complicated and messy and permanent.  I love you, Stephanie.  I love you in ways I've never loved anyone before.  I want to marry you and grow old with you.  I want us to have one of those marriages that makes young couples sigh with envy.  I want to have a baby with you.  If the legend is true, you'll get the girl you want."

I hope you enjoyed my review of "One in a Million."  This is a great book.  I really loved it.
Keep Reading!!

P.S. Something for you
1.  Where did Nash grew up?
2. Who was the math person? Nash or Stephanie.
3.  Why did Nash have to go on vacation?
4. Who was Tina to Nash?
5. How did Tina die?
6.  What is your favorite part of the book & why?

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