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Reading Challenges- A Dad for Her Twins

For this review, I chose "A Dad for Her Twins" by Tanya Michaels. It is the bonus book in Susan Mallery's book, "One in a Million".   "A Dad for Her Twins" is about a single mom, Mackenzie Green & her twins, Drew & Leslie.  Kenzie takes a transfer to an  Atlanta, Georgia bank from Raindrop, North Carolina.  Her sister lives in Atlanta.  They move into an apartment complex called Peachy Acres while their house is being available.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read this book, stop!  Read the book before reading the rest of my review!!

The beginning of the book Kenzie & her 2 kids were driving to Atlanta.  It was real to me because the kids were arguing.  Kenzie thought to herself "It would be bliss if her children could just go a day without bickering. Heck, an hour--she wasn't picky!"  I know this all too well.  My older 2 have been bickering a lot lately.  Kenzie also thought "the kids had said goodbye to the only home they'd ever known."  I know this all too well.  We recently moved out of the only home our children knew.  Changing schools & school districts.  

Her neighbor across the hallway is a artist, JT, Jonathan Trelauney.  Kenzie meets him when he helps her with a box up to her new apartment.  We learn that JT is in mourning over losing his wife (there is more to this, but Read the book!!).  We meet Sean Morrow.  Mrs Sanchez is another person in the building has been JT's godmother, giving him advice, & Friday night dinner.  She also met Kenzie & took her a tamale pie.  Kenzie told her that it just her & the kids, that her ex is not in the picture.  Mrs Sanchez is very knowledgeable about all of the residents in the building.  I think I need someone like that here in our new house!  Mr Carlyle is the building's handyman.  

I love how Kenzie tells her kids that there is a lot of fun things to do in Atlanta like Stone Mountain, the Aquarium downtown, the Coke Museum, a Planetarium, Six Flags.  We did not move that far from our old place, but if we were, this is a great idea to use!

Kenzie is divorced & the twin's dad is not in their lives.  I do not understand how a parent can do that to their own child.  You can tell that Drew has some anger issues.  An example of this is when Kenzie & her kids joined JT at the Children's Fine Arts Museum. They were having lunch.  Leslie mentioned that their mom should have male friends.  Drew did not like this idea.  He does not want "replace him (Dad) with some painter who lives across the hall."  He runs off.  Another example is when Kenzie was called into the school to talk with the Vice Principal because of his attitude. The Vice Principal & his teacher thinks Drew needs a male influence. On the way home, Drew asked if Abby would grow up without a dad like he is.  Having no dad in his life is affecting him a lot.  Drew wanted his male influence to be JT & for him to teach him how to paint.  Kenzie promised to ask him!  

I love how Leslie & JT met.  Leslie loves to read & very smart.  She reminds me of Noah.  He is my reader!  He is always reading. Leslie asks a lot of questions, too.  Something else that Noah does.  He wants to know how things works, why things are the way they are, etc. Here is the quote from the book how Leslie & JT met:
"You're that guy!" (Leslie)
He quirked an eyebrow.  "An you're that kid who lives across from me."

Leslie has another thing in common with my daughter, Ashleigh.  Ashleigh does not handle change well.  Both her & Noah has had to change schools in January when we moved.  Noah will still be at this school in the fall, but Ashleigh has to go to a new school in the fall.  Leslie is upset because she had to leave her friends & teacher behind in Raindrop.  She was crying when she was with JT.  Leslie thinks she is "a pest. I should learn, being one of the smartest kids in Raindrop.  I bothered my dad once when he was working on song.  He yelled at me."  She wonders if her brother & her were not pains if their dad would have stayed.  JT was thinking that her dad is such a jerk & someone like Mrs Sanchez would be a person to help her better.  JT invited them to the Children's Fine Arts Museum because he did a Mural there.  I wish I could see it.  The way they describe the colors was beautiful.  The mural has children playing at the Fountain of Rings.  

JT sketching Kenzie's face was the start of him getting back to being himself, before all the bad things happened in his lives, & how if he could get passed a few things, then things would be great.   "He almost captured the play of emotions on the woman's face."  JT missed being an artist & needed to get back to painting.  

I love how Ann left her husband, Forrest, because he was taking her for granted.  Sometimes us woman do things we have to do to get the man in our lives attention & sometimes it takes them awhile to get it what we are feeling through their brains!!  Ann wants to do things as a team & not alone.

I love how Mick showed up & wanted Kenzie to drop everything.  Why should she?  Then, he had her & the kids waiting the following day for him.  

I think Kenzie & JT getting stuck in the elevator was planned by Mr Sanchez in order to get those 2 to talk to one other.  
"I just hope he doesn't mention our predicament to Mrs. Sanchez," JT grumbled.  "She'd try to talk him into some crazed notion of not rescuing us, so we could have more time together.  She brought over dinner last Friday and chewed my ear off about letting you leave."

JT realizes after he finishes his painting that he has a family.  Sean is his brother.  Mrs Sanchez is his aunt.  Kenzie & her kids made a way into his heart.  He woke her up in the middle of the night to tell her this, but she thought he lost it.  Did Kenzie go to him?  Did she forget about him?  Read the book!

This was a very good book!  I love it!  
Keep on Reading!

P.S. Something for You:
1. What did Mick do for a living?
2. Did he decide to stay doing that?
3. If yes on #2, then what?
4. What happened to JT's wife?
5. Why did Kenzie leave Raindrop?
6. Do you think if Kenzie & JT would get pregnant that JT would let Kenzie leave his sight or be overly protective of her? Why?
7. Did Kenzie sign the papers to her new house?
8. Do you think that Kenzie was the one that inspire JT to paint again after losing his wife?  Explain.

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