Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading Challenge: The Next Best Thing

For this Reading Challenge, I chose The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins.  I loved it.  It has been awhile since I have read a book by Kristan Higgins.  I have 3 library cards & I used them for e-books.  Only 1 library card I go into to get actual books.  If you can get e-books, I suggest doing it if you can.  If you are in PA, on the back of your library card you should have a blue sticker, that sticker you can get another library card for free.

I kept thinking during this book: How would I feel if I lost my husband, was surrounded by my aunts, who lost their husbands, & my mom lost her husband, my dad?  Think about what that would do to myself/yourself.  Your aunts lost their husbands & now your lost yours.  You have to pick up the pieces of your life & move on with your life.

In the beginning of the book, we meet Lucy, her sister, Corinne, who just had a baby,  with her husband,  Chris.  Lucy tells us that "Corrine lives in terror that her seemingly healthy husband is on the brink of death." (Kindle Page 36).   Corrine is so scared of turning into Lucy that she is driving her husband crazy. Lucy tells us that "given the Black Widow curse, men were scarce in my (her) life.  I (her) had no uncles, no grandfathers, no brothers....." (Kindle Page 48).  Growing up like this would be completely different than most of us has.  Do you have a grandfather or 2, uncles(s), brother(s)?  I do for all of them.  Think about how those men influenced your life.

Lucy's late, husband, Jimmy's parents are still in Lucy's life.  Gianni & Marie are wonderful.   I love how Gianni & Marie treat Lucy. But, I think they think Jimmy walks on water while Ethan is not as good.  I think each child needs to be treated equally.  Marie says "We wanted you here because we love you like you're our own daughter, Lucy, honey.  And Ethan, of course, you're like a son of us." (Kindle Page 106)

I think this book is about family.  Lucy has her family around her after she loses her husband.  Her brother in law, Ethan, helps her, too, along with her mother in law, Marie, & her father in law, Gianni.   Lucy also has her friend, Parker, by her side, but I consider her family.  You would definitely need your friends & family to help you through a loss like this. I also think this book is about following your dreams, but I am not going to say anything else just in case you did not read the book!! ;)  Go after what you want!!

Reading this book makes me miss my favorite bakery.  I was talking with a friend about it tonight.  Their cakes were so good.  I can not remember when they closed it.  It was a tradition in my family to have one of their cakes for our birthdays.  I started that some tradition with my kids.  When Lucy, her mom, & her aunts was in their bakery, Bunny's, it brought back memories of my favorite bakery.

I love the ending!  Once again, I am not going to say what happened for those who did not read it.  I love that we know what happened beyond that.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a good read!

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