Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reading Challenge: Love, Suburban Style

This time I chose Love, Suburban Style by Wendy Markham.  This was my first book I read by Wendy Markham.  I really enjoyed it.  It is about a single mom, Meg Adams, moving back to her hometown when her teen daughter got into some trouble. 

Think about making a decision that could change your life?  Meg Adams did!  But, when Meg made it, she had no idea it would change her life.  Meg moved back to her hometown of Glenhaven Park.  Her daughter, Cosette, & her took a train from New York City & was not very happy.  Would you be happy to be taken away from your home?  I am not going to tell you the reason why Meg took them from the City, but it is a very good one.  I agree with her.  As a mom, I would had done the same thing.  Taken the child out of the bad situation & put her into a good environment is the way to go.

Meg & her daughter rented an apartment while Meg hunted for a house she could afford.  They ran into an old high school friend of Meg's that is a real estate agent named Kris, who is helping them find a house.  They found a house at 33 Boxwood St, which is haunted & the high school crush of Meg's lives next door!

Meg, Cosette, & Geoffrey, Meg's best friend, moved them all into the house.  Meg had a lot to do.  Unpack.  Buy furniture.  Get a car.  Go to the grocery store & get everything she needed.  I hate moving, packing, the unpacking....

Meg met her neighbor, Sam.  She thought her neighbors were his parents.  Sam helped her move some boxes.  Nice neighbor.  Sam has 2 kids, Katie & Ben.  Cosette is 15 just like Ben.  Katie is 12.  Sam teaches physics at the high school.  Meg is going to teach voice lessons since she is retiring from singing, dancing, & being an actress on Broadway.   Sam thought Meg was married to Geoffrey, but there was a bit of information that Meg shared with Sam.  I will let you read it.  I love this part about Geoffrey!  Sam did not tell Meg about his wife or as Meg thinks about it ex-wife.  Why is that?

I love how Sam googled Meg to see about Meg's Broadway career.  He was interested in her so much.  Meg is going to be dealing with him a lot since they lived next to each other & he is her daughter's soccer coach.

I love the end of the book with the letter, Sam waiting for Meg, & you will have to read the rest to find out!

Until my next Book Review,

1. Name the times where they saw the "ghost" in Meg's new home.
2. When did Meg's ex-husband leave her?
3. Who was Cosette's first boyfriend there?  What did she do?

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