Monday, November 2, 2015

Noah's Reading Review #1

I found this in my drafts from February, 2012.  I had published it back then, but I moved my reviews over here and it got lost.

Here it is:

Noah, Ethan, & I had our Reading Night tonight.  Noah wanted to do a review on this books.  He told me tonight he did not want to be a race car driver when he grows up, but a teacher.  I asked him about a professional soccer player.  Noah said he still wants to do that.  He can go to college, play soccer, & get his degree so he can teach.  I think his teacher, Miss D., has influenced him a lot.  Noah just started this school on January 2.  It is only January 22.  

These are the books that the boys picked out.

How Deep is the Sea?
by Anna Melbourne


Noah picked out this book.  It is about a penguin named Pipkin with big ideas.  He wanted to find the bottom of the Sea.  What is the biggest creature of the Sea? The whale.  Pipkin met during his wonderful adventure was:
1. whale
2. twinkle creatures
3. saltie sea dog
4. seal who was trying to catch some fish.

Pipkin said to his mom that the sea was very very deep.  Noah said this book is fiction fake.  I think he said this because the penguin, Pipkin was going down to the bottom of the sea in a submarine.  We all know that a penguin does not travel in a submarine, but swims in the sea!  

Noah picked out this book, Lego Star Wars: Darth Maul's Mission.  He loves Star Wars!  

Noah thinks these quotes are funny:
1. Qui-Gon Jinn says "did you do your homework?" Luke Skywalker says "Yes, but a wookiee ate it!"

2. Qui-Gon Jinn says "Hey, Little Red Riding Hood, Are you on the way to your Grandma's House?" Then Darth Maul says "Oh, that's funny.....because I'm red and I wear a hood.  Real Original Guys."

3. Luke says "Attaaack!" and Darth Maul says "Poo-Doo!"

I will be doing this review since Ethan picked out the next book called Disney Comics Collection The World of Cars, which was a birthday gift from his Aunt & Uncle.  

 It had 4 small stories in it: Dirty Jobs, Pit-Stopped, Clean Machine, & Runnin' in Reverse!

Dirty Jobs was about the town folks wants to repaint the mural because of the paint peeling. Doc & Red did the mural in the end of the story.  It turned out beautiful.  It reminds me of the mural I did for Ashleigh when she was little.  I did 2 walls of Pooh & his friends.  This summer I will be doing one for Noah & another one for Ashleigh.  It will not be big, but on the small sice.  

Pit-Stopped was about Mater joining Lightening's Pit Crew.  Some of his Pit Crew was happy & so was not so happy until Mater made Lightening come in for a Pit Stop by towing him in!!  Doc says to Lightening "You Still glad to have him aboard, hot rod?" Lightening says "Uh...Well, I...."

Clean Machine! is about Lightening being dirty from racing & he needing to get clean for a date with Sally.  The guys helped him get clean! Mater was helping Lightening with ideas with where to take Sally on his date.

Runnin' in Reverse! is about a nightmare that Lightening keeps having about racing in reverse.  Everyone in town was teasing him.  Lightening says to himself, "I must still be dreaming---Thanks to Mater and his backwards driving!"

All 3 books were very good.  The kids enjoyed them & so did I.

Keep Reading!  These 3 books do not count for any challenges we are in.  They are not on my TBR list. Not ebooks.   Noah knows we do a review so this time he wanted to do the review.

Keep Reading!

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