Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sexy Holiday Delights Blog Tour

I wanted to give more information about Sexy Holiday Delights 10 book set.  

To purchase this box set, go to the link below:

Ten Steamy Holiday Stories meant to heat you up during the cold winter nights. Settle in with a cup of hot cocoa, or a large glass of wine, and enter the world of some of your favorite authors! There’s a little bit of everything for you to enjoy, including paranormal, contemporary, sweet romance and downright steamy erotica! 

Here are the books in this set:
Shara Azod- A Home for Christmas 
RaeLynn Blue- Fruitcake 
Gynger Fyer- Christmas in Canada 
Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh- The Twelve Craze of Christmas 
Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod- A Little Christmas Sugar 
Kassanna- Joy 
Serenity King- A Naughty Holiday Surprise 
Tiffany Monique- A Thigh-High Christmas (The Redux) 
Reana Malori- Renewal 
Chaeya Robles- The Christmas Healing 

Happy Holidays!!


by Reana Malori

Erica Atkins held a long stemmed wine glass in her hand as she stared into the dying light of the fireplace. It was long past the time when her husband of five years would normally arrive home from work. No call. No text. Nothing. It was as if she no longer mattered. The courtesy of a telephone call was apparently simply too much for her to ask for. After five years of loving, laughter, and being each other’s best friend, something had changed.

Taking a sip of the dark red liquid, she paid no mind to the taste. The motion of lifting the glass was almost a reflex at this point. The mind-numbing pain in her soul was the only thing she could feel. Glancing over at the clock on the wall, she noted that it was well past ten o’clock at night. Her husband was supposed to be home by seven this evening. Before he left for work this morning, Todd had promised that he would be home for dinner tonight with her and Miles.

This time, he said, he would make sure that he left the office early. The half-hearted kiss he’d given her before he’d walked out the door had almost shattered her inside. Her heart felt the pain seconds before her brain could catch up. And that’s when she’d known that all her fears were true.

The tears she had cried earlier this evening had long since dried. The off-white tracks of the salty residue were still visible on her face. Eyes red and face turned down in sadness, she watched the dying flames in the fireplace and asked herself when they had lost their way. No matter how much she turned it over in her head, all she had left was this deep, irrevocable feeling of dread. She was losing her husband.

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