Monday, November 2, 2015

Noah"s Reading Review #2: The Little Penguin

Another review from February 2012.  It got lost when I moved my reviews over here.

Here it is:

Noah picked out the book

The Little Penguin
by A.J. Wood  

Noah read to Bolt, Zeus, & me.  

This book is about a little Penguin growing from baby penguin to big penguin.  When Little Penguin is in his egg, his dad says to him "We will be safe and warm here while you grow stronger, said Big Penguin." Once Little Penguin is born, he learns several things like tobogganing, & molting.

"Unlike most other birds, penguins can't fly. They waddle on land and swim in the sea. When swimming fast, they jump out of the water every few meters, just like dolphins do. This is called porpoising.
On ice there is another method penguins sometimes use: tobogganing. They lie down on their belly and glide along like a toboggan, using their flippers and feet to push themselves forward." (link)

"Once a year, penguins shed their feathers and grow new ones. This is called molting. The old feathers come off in patches and at the same time new feathers grow. This takes about three weeks and during this period the penguins do not eat nor swim." (link)

Little penguin meets:
1. a huge bird that was not nice to him.
2.a seal.  They talked about his feathers & Little Penguin better ready up before he loses all his feathers.  

This was a cute book.  Noah's loved it.  I think Zeus & Bolt loved it, too.  We did not hear a word, whine, bark, or even howl out of them!  lol!  Zeus howls.  Bolt does the whining, barking, & he does howl at times.  I have this feeling these 2 will howl together when Bolt is older!

Keep Reading!  Noah just picked out 1 book tonight.  I thought we would read about Huskies, but I was wrong.  I should had known it would be about penguins!


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